New Jersey Libertarian Party

The Party of Principle

2017 NJ Libertarian Candidates

In the November 2017 election the NJ Libertarian Party will be running candidates under the Libertarian Party banner. The following candidates have been nominated to run for office under the Libertarian banner.

  • Governor and Lt. Governor – Pete Rohrman and Karese Laguerre
  • 12th District Assembly - Dan Krause and Anthony Storrow
  • 13th District: Assembly – Eveline Brownstein  
  • 22nd District: Assembly – Ryan Manville & Michael Brown
  • 27th District: Assembly – Jeff Hetrick
  • 37th District: Assembly – Claudio Belusic
  • 39th District: Senate – Jim Tosone
  • 39th District: Assembly – Jason McKenna
  • West Milford: Town Council– Michael Chazukow and Jonathan Salzman
  • Hunterdon County: Freeholder – Dan Heitkamp
  • Monmouth County: Freeholder – Brendon Maroney
  • Berkeley Heights: Town Council – Tom Maciejewski
  • Manalapan: Town Council – Hisham Hamed
  • Northfield City Council – John Ordille
  • Westfield: Town Council – Valerio Bruscianelli

More candidates will likely be added to this list in the following weeks. Good luck to all! Please provide whatever support you can to our candidates!