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Beware the Absentee Ballot

Published in The Record, 11/11/2016

Regarding "2016 county, municipal, election results" (Page L-3, Nov. 9):

Those who voted by absentee ballot should be aware that they were not in the unofficial results posted on the website of the Bergen County clerk at 11:18 p.m. on election night. Nor were they in the vote totals shown in The Record the following day. There were 33,000 absentee ballots, about 8.5 percent of the total votes cast.

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Letter to Editor: West Milford reader urges voters to 'break away from the herd'

This letter was published in the Suburban Trends, 1027/2016

Allow me to respond to two letters which appeared in the Suburban Trends on Oct. 12, 2016. First, we had a letter by a writer who usually goes on an anti-Japanese rant every December on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, even though World War II ended over 70 years ago.

This time around the writer attacked athletes like Colin Kaepernick who didn’t stand for the national anthem at recent football games. The writer equates patriotism with blind nationalism evidently, which are two different things entirely. I wonder if all the "Fox News Conservatives" out there realize America didn’t have a national anthem until the 1930s or that the tune to which the anthem’s lyrics are set to is actually an old English drinking song.

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Letter to Editor: Libertarian Candidate Emerges in West Milford

Published in Suburban Trends, June 30, 2016

Dear Editor,

Over 80 percent of the town has not voted for town council yet, but 12.5 percent of the vote is enough to guarantee that one of these men will sit on the town council next year. This is because there are two seats available on the town council and these men will only face one opponent in the general election: Me.

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Letter to Editor: Live and Let Live

Published in Suburban Trends, June 26, 2016

Dear Editor:

Will people in the journalism field such as your writer Holly Stewart ever take a consistent stand on behalf of individual liberty and the Bill of Rights? If her op-ed of June 15th is any clue, I guess the answer would be no. It almost seems that the politicians and the media mouthpieces look forward to mass shootings to crank up the "gun control is needed more now than ever" machine.

The sad events in Orlando, Fla., are reported to create the idea that if you’re supportive of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) community you must be anti-gun and if you’re for the Second Amendment than you must be a "hate-filled homophobe." This is how the media frames the debate; alternative viewpoints generally get ignored.

For example did you know that there is a pro-gun group in the LGBT community known as The Pink Pistols (

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Letter to Editor: Criticism of Presidential Nominations

It has been about a week since the meeting adjourned at the Libertarian National Convention, and plenty of victories were won. We had a record delegation, with over a thousand voting members on the floor. We had incredible coverage during the weekend in Orlando. A great thanks is owed to arguably mainstream media sources, such as CNN and C-SPAN, and the individuals there who push for the representation of third parties. This benefits not only Libertarians, but the democratic process in general.

Our ticket stands, without objection to its legitimacy, running Gary Johnson for President, alongside Vice-Presidential running mate Bill Weld. Though I would love to write a personal testimony of my unquestioned support of these governors, I can’t. The consistent but critical enthusiasm I have for the Libertarian Party compels me to write independently on this subject, and the form it takes will not be subject to party politics of pragmatism.

Do I think this article will hurt the party? No. If I did, would I write it? Maybe. I am not sorry. Feel free to hate it. Divide the country into thirds, rather than halves, and insist that we must rally against the enemies or remain silent. I am writing to respond to being told in person, and (more diplomatically) on the Internet, to support Johnson and Weld without “dividing the party”, without “criticizing” and “attacking our candidate”. To these comments I respond: The politics of settling and shutting up extend far beyond the two-party system.

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Letter to Editor: Libertarians Appeal to All

Published in The Record, June 6, 2016

Regarding "Libertarians could hurt candidate, but whom?" (Other Views, June 1):

The Op-Ed article by Bloomberg News Columnist Albert Hunt stated "there probably wouldn't be much support for Libertarians among Latinos and African-Americans…"

What a patronizing and misguided statement. Is Hunt suggesting that individual liberty has no appeal to minority voters? Racial and ethnic minorities have to deal with government interference in their lives on a daily basis just like everyone else and perhaps more so.

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Letter to Editor: Big Government parties fall short

Published in Suburban Trends, April 11, 2016

In your paper's "Our View" editorial on April 3, you quote Benjamin Franklin at the end of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, in which he stated when asked what kind of government had been formed he replied "A Republic, if you can keep it." The problem with your quote is in the question that was asked of Franklin; the question was not whether we had a republic or a monarchy but rather whether or not we had a republic or a democracy.

No doubt it was an innocent oversight by your editorial staff but many times the question is misquoted on purpose so that the resistance to democracy by the founders is hidden from the American people.

It wasn't just Benjamin Franklin who warned against the dangers of democracy (which is unbridled majority rule with no restraints on government power; whatever the mob wants it gets).

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Letters to Editor: Atomic Bomb Was Unnecessary

Published in The Record, April 20, 2016

Dear Editor:

Regarding "Kerry's visit to Hiroshima" (The Record Your Views, April 16, Bob Nesoff):

As a Libertarian defender of individual rights on all issues, I'm not a big defender of President Obama (any more than I was of George W. Bush). Democrats and Republicans both follow the establishment line on foreign policy, which is never-ending global intervention.

However, the recent visit of Secretary of State John Kerry to Hiroshima has come under fire by some, including a recent letter to the editor.

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No matter the outcome, liberty loses

Published in Suburban Trends, Feb. 10, 2016

Dear Editor:

In a recent letter (Suburban Trends Jan. 31), it was suggested that the idea of self-ownership or individual sovereignty over one’s person is somehow a "flawed" belief. The writer was arguing from a theological standpoint based on her faith.

My question to her would be, how do you intend to implement your beliefs without using the power of the state to impose your faith and values on people who don’t necessarily agree with your beliefs?

I have long argued that religious "social conservatives" have a hostility to the ideals of individual liberty that is just as authoritarian as the anti-liberty beliefs of the "liberal progressive secular humanist" types who want to micromanage your life for you. Despite the seeming hostility between these two groups, they have much in common.

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Stand Up for Your Inherent Rights

Published in Suburban Trends, Dec. 16, 2015

In your December 9, "Our View" editorial ("Our Take On Guns"), you state that you desire a discussion and debate on what the Second Amendment means.

I'm going to surprise you and your readers by saying the Second Amendment does not give you the right to own a firearm; in fact the entire Bill of Rights gives no rights whatsoever! If there was no Constitution and Bill of Rights, you would still have all the rights you possess by virtue of the fact that you exist as an individual human being.

Our individual liberties come from our humanity, as so eloquently stated by Judge Andrew Napolitano. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights only guarantee and protect those rights from government infringement; the don't grant them.

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Let People Decide for Themselves

Published in the Bergen Record, December 5, 2015

Regarding "Religion used to hide bigotry" (Your Views, Nov. 28) and "Why a friend is suing me: the Arlene's Flowers story" (Other Views, Nov. 25):

I would say the letter writer is hiding his own bigotry towards the concepts of individual freedom of choice and the right of freedom of association.

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Flags just symbols of nationalism & statism

Dear Editor:

At the outset of this letter, let me make clear that as a Libertarian individualist and activist that I am not really enamored of any flag. They are all symbols of nationalism and statism, both of which are collectivist philosophies and ideologies that believe the individual should be subordinate to the so-called "greater good."

Having said this, let me also make clear that the current frenzy over the Confederate battle flag (erroneously referred to by many as the "Stars and Bars," which was the flag of the Confederate government) shows that the "politically correct" liberal crowd is just as intolerant and hateful as the people they claim to be against!

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