New Jersey Libertarian Party

The Party of Principle

2015 Convention Agenda

2015 New Jersey Libertarian Party Convention
Tavern on the Lake, Hightstown
Saturday, March 21, 2015

Tentative Meeting Agenda

Call to order & quorum check 9:00 AM

Agenda review & approval 9:05 AM

Secretary's Report 9:10 AM

Treasurer's report 9:15 AM

  • 2014 final and proposed 2015 budget presentation

Election of NJLP Officers and At-Large Reps 9:30 AM

Ongoing Business

Platform Committee Report 10:00 AM

New Brunswick Ballot Initiative 10:40 AM

NJ United for Marijuana Reform 10:50 AM

Review and Approval of NJLP Candidates 11:00 AM

New Business & County Committee Reports

Recess for County Caucuses 11:20 AM

County Caucus Reports 11:40 AM

Future Meetings 11:55 AM

Adjournment for lunch

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