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Workshop - Public Speaking for Libertarians
Sun 21 Sep 5:00pm
Venue: International Roasting Post

Fighting Common Core Part 2 with Dr. Duke Pesta and Joe Baratelli
Sun 28 Sep 7:00pm
Venue: Castle Consulting

Southern NJLP Committee Monthly Meeting - Grabbe's Restaurant
Thu 2 Oct 7:00pm
Venue: Grabbe's seafood restaurant

Mercer County Libertarians Pre-election Meeting
Wed 8 Oct 7:00pm
Venue: Killarney's Publick House

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In the new laws which you will be writing, please remember the ladies. Don't put unlimited power in the hands of the husbands. Remember all men would be tyrants if you give them the chance. If you don't pay attention to the ladies, then you cannot expect us to obey any laws in which we don't have voice or representation. - Abigail Adams

Siobhan Reynolds, RIP

I’m saddened to learn this morning that Siobhan Reynolds died over the weekend in a plane crash.

I met Reynolds several years ago when I attended a forum on Capitol Hill on the under-treatment of pain. Her story about her husband’s chronic pain was so heartbreaking it moved me to take an interest in the issue. I eventually commissioned and edited a paper on the DEA and pain treatment while I was working for Cato.

Reynolds was fierce and tireless. She ran her advocacy group the Pain Relief Network on a thin budget, and often used her own money to travel to towns and cities where she felt prosecutors were unfairly targeting a doctor. And then she’d fight back. And sometimes she’d win. And the DEA and the  federal prosecutors she fought weren’t really accustomed to that.

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