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01 Mar

General Membership Meeting Mar 1, 2018 07:00 pm - Jul 5, 2018 09:00 pm Harper's Pub, Clementon, United States

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Love Liberty? We're Your Party

Welcome to the New Jersey Libertarian Party! Libertarians don't want freedom for certain groups based on class, race, gender, age, or religion. Libertarians want freedom for all people, simply because they're human beings. New Jersey is #1 for emigration for a reason, we have some of the highest taxes and worst business climates in America. Instead of fleeing the Garden State let's make it better. Let's try freedom for a change.

Thank you to everyone for your tremendous efforts spreading the message of liberty in 2017. Because of you the New Jersey Libertarian Party has grown to a record 8,434 registered voters! Since 2015 the numbers have almost TRIPLED. We are by far the third-largest political party in New Jersey. Please make sure to share this story:

I'm looking forward to our upcoming State Convention on March 24th. The Convention committee has done an excellent job in finding excellent speakers. Register today at

Thank you also to all our outstanding candidates and their campaign teams. They earned over 17,181 votes this year and made huge sacrifices to represent the NJLP and our principles. Overall New Jersey voter turnout was a record low of 35% indicating deep dissatisfaction with the political status quo.

While it's important to celebrate all we've accomplished this year, now is not the time to relax. We need to start planning for success in 2018 now by recruiting candidates. I encourage every NJLP member to run for local office this year to interject real issues like reducing property taxes, government spending and oppressive regulations into the political debate.

There has never been a more important time to spread the ideas of peace, individual liberty, and free markets. Our children deserve to grow up in a free country without the debt of previous generations on their backs. Our challenge is not one of philosophy. Libertarians understand the solution to the economic and political problems of our day is reducing the size and scope of government to the greatest extent possible. Our challenge is one of communication and messaging. We need to improve how we market our principles to the general public. We have the principles. If we can improve our people skills we can have much more success connecting our principles to the everyday experiences of the general public. Our goal should be to win supporters instead of arguments.

Please remember to renew your membership and refer your friends to join us as well. We are a 100% membership-funded organization and cannot fulfill our mission without your generous support.

In Liberty,

Patrick McKnight
Chair, New Jersey Libertarian Party

What’s a Libertarian?

Libertarians are fiscally responsible and socially compassionate. We are New Jersey's third largest and fastest-growing party. We believe liberty is the foundation of justice and a peaceful, prosperous America. We reject initiating violence against innocent people. We believe the role of government is to protect life, liberty and property.

Education Reform

All of New Jersey’s children deserve the best possible education. It’s time to start putting kids before political special interests. Eliminate “Last in First Out” employment that forces schools to fire outstanding new teachers. Expand school choice to increase competition and parental choice. Each student deserves equal funding and an equal chance to succeed.

Cut Taxes and Eliminate Wasteful Spending

Eliminate the gas tax. New Jersey taxes are out of control leaving the middle-class struggling to survive. The only way to solve this crisis is to reduce wasteful spending. Public debt has exploded under both establishment parties.

Let’s give voters the option to voluntarily consolidate redundant school districts to make education more efficient.

Let’s reform prevailing wage laws to make public services competitive again. There’s no reason a project should cost more simply because taxpayers are footing the bill. The people of New Jersey are not an ATM for powerful special interests.

Let’s make the public pension system voluntary instead of forcing employees into a bankrupt system. Let’s abolish “double-dipping” that allows officials to take multiple pensions at taxpayer expense.

End Corporate Welfare and Bailouts

New Jersey doesn’t belong to special interests or the political insiders. New Jersey belongs to the people.

New Jersey is consistently ranked the worst place in America to start a business. But it’s our small businesses that employ the most workers and help pull them out of poverty. We need an equal playing field for everyone. Stop giving special treatment to the big guys at the expense of everyone else. Let’s prosecute white-collar criminals and corrupt politicians who take advantage of their positions of power.

Defend the 2nd Amendment

Every human being deserves the right to defend themselves. Let’s make New Jersey a concealed-carry state and stop putting law-abiding gun owners in jail. Instead let’s use our resources to prosecute violent offenders.

Legalize Marijuana and Enact Criminal Justice Reform

The War on Drugs is a failed public policy. Substance abuse is a personal, medical issue not a public crime. Immediately pardon all non-violent criminals in our state prisons. Treat addiction with compassion and rehabilitation instead of brutality and incarceration. Stop wasting taxpayer money on putting sick people in jail.

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