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We are living in a time of traumatic events and governmental chaos. Everyday we see yet more mismanagement and missteps from every level of our State and federal Elected Leaders. It is easy to throw up our hands and say “What can we do! This is hopeless! Let it all burn!”

That urge, my friends, is the Lazy path; the Coward’s path.

Instead of giving in to a loss of hope for our future in the face of plague, embrace the possibilities that a society of individuals provides. Find like-minded persons of any stripe to work with to make our world a better place: A world of peace, freedom and prosperity.

Take this moment to Contact Us and tell us you want to become involved in our goal of 100% percent organization of our counties in the State of NJ.

Imagine what 21 vibrant, thoughtful and locally powerful County Libertarian Parties could do. Image how we could change things for the better when we choose to put our hands into the effort instead of wringing them in anxiety.

This effort isn’t easy, it isn’t convenient and I personally think we don’t have what it takes to achieve 100% organization in the state of NJ by March of 2021.

It’s up to you, each of you in your own ways, to prove me wrong.

I dare you.

-Daniel A. Krause

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Virtual Meeting
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