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January Board Meeting Agenda

January 13, 2019 5:00 PM
Location: Golden Star Diner, Ringoes, NJ

5:00 Call to order & quorum check [Chair]

5:05 Agenda review & approval [Chair]

5:10 Secretary's Report [Secretary]

Approval of minutes of prior board meeting

5:15 Treasurer's report [Treasurer]

5: 20 Chair’s Report [Chair]

Ongoing Business

5:25 VP & Region Updates [VPs Membership, Programs, Marketing. North/Central/South Region Reps]

5:35 Candidate recruitment/support [Region Reps, Candidates, VP Programs]

Propose video aids for candidate support – Suspense = Annual Convention 2019

See 2019 Election Planning

5:45 Planning of 2019 State Convention [Meeting Committee]

5:55 Bracketing suite recommended by Robert Shaprio

6:00 Upcoming Meeting Dates

New Business

6:05 YAL Speaker

6:10 Newsletter planning

6:15 2018 Year End Review/2019 Strategic Planning

6:20 2019 Summer Events Planning [Region Reps]

6:25 Additional comments and proposed new business [Open]

6:30 Adjournment

Pre-meeting Items:

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