Well, at least that is how the mainstream media outlets seem to be reporting this.

On Tuesday, Fernando Antonio Salguero, parked illegally near the Somerdale Police Station while tending to a traffic violation. From what I have heard, his car extended about two feet into a yellow lined area. He reached his car just as the police were beginning their investigation. He was asked for permission to search the car which he declined. Police dogs were called out. Either their handlers had the dogs alert  or the dogs alerted to the presence of explosives. A bomb squad was called in and a robotic device pried open his trunk. The media reports that inside were found "incendiary devices" and several weapons. The incendiary weapons were flares, the weapons included a flare gun and a couple of pepper spray canisters.

Unfortunately, due to the bizarre nature of NJ gun laws the flare gun is considered a handgun and according to the law is exactly the same as any gun, including BB Guns, and as such is a felony. The type of flares and the flare gun is the exact style the U.S. Coast Guard recommends all boaters carry with them. The pepper spray canisters were over the 3/4 ounce limit in NJ.

More information and detail on how to help Mr. Salguero are at Mike Salvi's Blog.

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