The Gloucester Township Municipal Council recently solicited for bids for the purchase of an armored vehicle. Only one bid for $277,986 was received.

Camden County already owns an armored vehicle and keeps it parked right in the township. The County purchased their tank for $289,000 using federal funds in 2009. The Township claims that they need their own in case the County vehicle is already in use. The county disagrees with the township, claiming that the vehicle has always been available whenever needed. In addition the federal funds came with a requirement that the vehicle be available to townships in the region. Most likely the most use any of these vehicles will ever get is during parades.

In the past decade numerous federal grants have funded the militarization of small and large police departments to around $34 Billion. Much of this equipment is warehoused and never put to use.

In 2010, Gloucester Township residents saw a $0.235 per $100 increase in their property tax bills. Since then property taxes have remained flat, but spending has ballooned thanks to $10 million in state aid given to the township.

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