The Democrats have adopted the behavior of George Bush with the Big Spending/Corporate Welfare Bill being rushed through congress. George W. Bush used 911 to increase executive power and to immensely increase the size government. Now Barack Obama is using the same tactics with the financial crisis. I at one time had hope for Obama. Boy was I wrong.

George W. Bush made the same mistakes as Herbert Hoover, and Obama is making the same mistakes as Roosevelt. During Obama's speech last night he clearly believes that Rooselvelt's New Deal worked. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Myth of the Laissez-Faire Bush Years
By Anthony Gregory

One of the most pernicious misconceptions of our time is that the Bush administration represented an era of free-market capitalism. By wrongly blaming the financial crisis and economic woes associated with Bush on his alleged devotion to laissez-faire, many in the mainstream press, academia and political life are misdiagnosing the problem and prescribing the wrong solution: More government, which will in reality only make things worse.

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Published on FreedomWorks.org:

By: Matt Kibbe

When you get beyond the rhetoric of change, it is astonishing how close President Barack Obama is following his predecessor in economic policy. Just as George W. Bush attempted to jump-start the economy with a jolt of hundreds of billions of dollars, Obama is doubling down on the bailout bets. In the Troubled Assets Relief Program process, the legislative branch is authorizing nearly a trillion dollars in spending.

But isn’t this backward? Doesn’t Congress have the sole power to authorize executive branch spending, and the president, the power to veto congressional spending authorizations?

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From Donny Ferguson's Blog: 2008 Libertarian vice-presidential candidate Wayne Root discusses job growth, economic recovery and Obama's government expansion plan with Neil Cavuto.

"The government is bailing out the banks...but who's going to bail out the government?" asks Texas cotton farmer Ken Gallaway, a vocal critic of agricultural subsidies that cost U.S. taxpayers and consumers billions of dollars a year in direct payments and higher prices for farm goods.

Agricultural subsidies were put in place in the 1930s during the Great Depression, when 25 percent of Americans lived on farms. At the time, Secretary of Agriculture Henry Wallace called them "a temporary solution to deal with an emergency." Those programs are still in place today, even though less than 1 percent of Americans currently live on farms that are larger, more efficient, and more productive than ever before.

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Visit the website of the National Taxpayer's Union to send a message to your representatives to reject the massive stimulus spending spree.

NTU also has a Fight the Stimulus tool box available to you.

Recently a reporter contacted me to ask what President Obama's top priorities should be. I, being lazy and not having time to answer myself, passed the question on to several NJ Libertarian activists. Below is a sample of the responses I received:

NEPTUNE — The one-year ban on the use of eminent domain on most properties in the township approved Monday by the Township Committee may be extended to a permanent ban by spring.

Committeeman Randy Bishop asked that an ordinance banning abuse of the practice be discussed at the next committee meeting, set for Jan. 26. Bishop has tried to get the ordinance approved for the past two years, but could not get the necessary three votes.


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