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Candidate resources

What you should have ready before you publicly launch your campaign and a  downloadable checklist

Online Resources

  • There’s a wiki area of the National website just for candidates. This is a gathering place for articles, resources, and information created by Libertarians for Libertarian candidates. Think of it as a library which will be expanded constantly. URL:
  • Pension Integrity Project - By Reason Foundation
  • Training videos

    • Strong Towns: doing the best work on a City Council
  • Campaign Training: Digital Communications
  • Campaign Training: Crafting an Appeal
  • Candidate Training: Raising Seed Money for your Campaign
  • Campaign Training: How to use ContactsHelper for Texting Campaign
  • Campaign Basics You May Have Missed
  • Fundraising Part 1
  • Fundraising part 2 Major Donors
  • How to Make A Campaign Timeline
  • Building a Campaign Team
  • You’ve Got issues
  • How to Campaign using Texting/SMS
  • Kicking it old skool (Letter writing campaigns)
  • Campaign Training: Zoom for Townhalls & Media Interviews
  • Online Fundraising
  • Doorknocking During Covid 19
  • Messaging about Covid
  • Getting Earned Media
  • How Voting By Mail Affects Voter Behavior
  • How To Host a Political Event During Covid
  • How to Create a Landscape Memo
  • Campaign Pre-Launch Checklist  with document
  • Best Practices

    Kyle O’Donnell has provided this advice for Candidates: 

    Liberty friends, I built a process to build your own microtargeting lists, in preparation for the upcoming election cycle and wanted to share it with you all

    1. Begin with your voter registration database and a large county or regional FB group with that has political content.  I bought mine from the county board of elections.
    2. Find a post that has hundreds or thousands of engagement for an issue/topic you want to microtarget voters with OR avoid talking about certain issues.
    3. Highlight all the likes and hearts or angry reacts, depending on the for/against list you’re building.
    4. Open Excel, paste special, just “values.” This strips out all the HTML and leaves rows of just names
    5. In the voter registration database, filtered to those that voted in the last gubernatorial election, CONCAT first name, space, last name.
    6. In your microtarget list, we need to standardize the names to match the voter registration database.  Text-to-columns to break each part of their name into a separate column.
    7. Throw out middle names and CONCAT back into first name, space, last name in one cell.
    8. Now that everything is standardized, VLOOOUP your microtarget list against the voter registration list.
    9. I got an exact match with ~275 people or 53% that liked a piece of local-issue political content who also voted in the past gubernatorial election.

    When we make 3 major campaign issues, it’s kind of bland, general, often intellectual, and not relevant to each voter’s personal passionate issue(s).  By using microtargeting lists, we can communicate in a way that really excites voters and makes them feel a sense of shared values and awareness that hopefully translates into votes on election day.  Still do the major issues for public consumption, just also microtarget people individually.


    Fund-raising Tools

    • We are vetting the tools available.  As we find good solution, we will add them here.

    Campaign Support Staff Recommendations

    • Kevin Karnakowski - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    • What, are we in the 2010's?  Kidding, of course. As we find books we can recommend, we will add them here.

    Monmouth County Libertarian Party

    Contact Email for Monmouth County LP: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Facebook Page:

    Chair: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Secretary [With book keeping duties]: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Desde la Plataforma del Partido Libertario de NJ

    15 Inmigración

    Tema: Sostenemos que los derechos humanos no deben ser negados o abreviados en función de la nacionalidad o el origen nacional. El derecho a viajar libremente entre Estados y naciones es un derecho fundamental. Los humanos deben ser libres de abandonar regímenes tiránicos. Los empleados, empleadores y contratistas deben tener la libertad de negociar sin interferencias ni restricciones gubernamentales.

    Principio: Nos oponemos a las restricciones estatales de inmigración, ya sea con el propósito de cooperar con restricciones federales o de otra manera. Nos oponemos firmemente a todas las medidas que castigan a los empleadores que contratan a trabajadores indocumentados. El estado no tiene ningún negocio que regule las interacciones productivas y voluntarias entre las partes que dan su consentimiento.

    Transición: A los no ciudadanos indocumentados no se les debe negar la libertad fundamental de trabajar o moverse sin impedimentos. Nos oponemos a los pagos de asistencia social del gobierno a los no ciudadanos, al igual que nos oponemos a los pagos de asistencia social a todas las demás personas.

    Read more ...

    NJLP Strategic Plan– State Level – 2018


    The purpose of the State Level Strategic Plan is to:

    • Communicate to members our key areas of focus for 2018
    • Provide a baseline against with to measure progress against our plans
    • Provide a framework which can be used by VPs/Regions as they develop their 2018 Strategic Plans
    • Use SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time Specific) goals

    Read more ...

    2017 NJLP State Level Strategic Plan - Year-End Summary


    2017 was the first year that the NJLP created a formal Strategic Plan, in order to communicate to members our key areas of focus and provide a baseline against with to measure progress. We used the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time Specific) model for our defining goals.

    Below are those goals and, for each, how we did. Some goals were achieved, some partially achieved, and others not achieved. Our performance on each will provide useful input for the 2018 Strategic Plan.

    Read more ...

    Email List Guidelines

    The Party manages a number of email lists. The lists can be broken down into two categories, moderated and non-moderated:

    • Highly moderated announce type lists should be used infrequently for announcement and news types of emails. All posting must be approved by the moderator. Emails should be professional. Examples of these lists include:
      • members- a statewide email list of current and past party members. Only the Chair of the party (or a designee) should use this list. All members who join the party are added to this list.
      • prospects - a statewide email list of prospects. Only the Chair of the party (or a designee) should use this list. All emails that are given to us by national or via our website are added to this list.

    Read more ...

    New Logos

    We've had a few new logos floating around. For most of them I didn't like the fact that they didn't say the official name of our party. So I've come up with a few additional ideas.

    Logo with out stars

    Read more ...

    Getting Involved

    We get many emails from people asking how they can help or how they can get involved in the party. Hopefully this article can be used as a guide on how to get involved.

    Make no mistake, just because we may drop the ball and either not give you specific tasks, take too long to get back to you, or forget to get back to you at all - does not mean that your activism is not needed. Actually quite the opposite is true. The freedom movement needs more activists who are willing to help out in any way they can.

    Read more ...

    2021 NJLP Convention Agenda

    2021 NJLP Convention Business Meeting
    March 20, 2021
    Via Zoom and at 109 Mercer Street, Hightstown NJ
    Proposed Agenda Note [ ... ]

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