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2017 NJLP State Level Strategic Plan - Year-End Summary


2017 was the first year that the NJLP created a formal Strategic Plan, in order to communicate to members our key areas of focus and provide a baseline against with to measure progress. We used the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time Specific) model for our defining goals.

Below are those goals and, for each, how we did. Some goals were achieved, some partially achieved, and others not achieved. Our performance on each will provide useful input for the 2018 Strategic Plan.

Last year the 2016 Board decided to wait for the 2017 Board to approve the 2017 Strategic Plan, the idea being that they would be the ones to carry out most of the Plan. However, since the 2017 Board was only elected in March, it was May before they began executing the Plan. So, this year we will have the 2017 Board approve and communicate the 2018 Plan in January and begin executing it. The 2018 Board will, once elected in March, be free to modify the plan in any way they see fit.

2017 was only the second year we have operated under the current organizational structure (VPs, Regions) and the Strategic Planning process for VPs and Regions. We continue to learn and adapt. The Board and Regional Chairs very much appreciate those members who have provided support, constructive feedback, and active participation throughout the year.

NJLP Strategic Plan– State Level - 2017

The purpose of the State Level Strategic Plan is to:

  • Communicate to members our key areas of focus for 2017 [Achieved]
  • Provide a baseline against with to measure progress against our plans [Achieved]
  • Provide a framework which can be used by VPs and Regions as they develop their 2017 Strategic Plans [Not explicitly used in the VP/Region Plans]
  • Use the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time Specific) model for defining goals [Achieved]

2017 NJ Elections

  • Recruit, and nominate at the 2017 NJLP State Convention (Mar 11), and subsequent Regional meetings, the following candidates:
    • Governor/Lt. Governor [Achieved]
    • State Senate (4) [there are 40 seats]. [Achieved 1]
    • State Assembly (12) [there are 80 seats]. [Achieved 4]
    • County/Local Offices (10) [Achieved 7]
  • Raise $10,800 for the State Fund to support our candidates (Sep 30) [No effort to raise money for State Fund. All fundraising was directed by the candidates for their campaigns.]
    • $5000 – Governor [Allocated $100]
    • $500 – each State Senator [Allocated $100 each]
    • $300 – each Assembly/County/Local [Allocated $100 each]
  • 2017 Campaign Issues [Candidates created own platforms based on their priorities]
    • Major Spending Cuts (reform Pensions, Medicaid, Schools, Transportation)
    • Reduce Taxes (Property, Income, Sales, Gas) & Debt, based on Spending Cuts
    • School Choice (including vouchers, charter schools, home schooling)
    • Legal Marijuana; End the failed War on Drugs
    • County/Local issues as appropriate
  • Voter Registration Drive (Jun 6 - Sep 30)
    • Increase number of voters registered as Libertarians by 33%
      • From 5,400 (10/2016) to 7,200 (9/30/2017) [8,309 (10/31/2017)]
      • Targeted voter registration on the NJLP Facebook page in September as part of the National LP's "Re-Register Month".

NJLP Organizational Effectiveness

  • Increase collaboration, coordination, communication among VPs and Regions
    • Board Review/Feedback on VPs & Regions 2017 Strategic Plans (Apr 30)   [Reviewed Plans submitted]
    • Get formal Committees established: Marketing, Programs, and Membership (Jun 30) [Committees still informal, where they exist]
  • Make it easier for candidates, members, prospective members to get information
    • Create easy to access “How Do I?” or FAQ section at the website (Sep 30) [Not started]
      • g., become a member, join a committee, run for office, donate, etc.
    • Create a standing Convention/Picnic/November General Meeting Committee (May 31) [Achieved]
      • Have the November meeting be an event, not just a business meeting [Achieved]
    • Replace the current head of the Bylaws Committee and reassess members (Apr 30)                [Deferred to 2018]
    • Revitalize the Platform Committee, incl. a permanent head, and reassess members (Dec 31)  [Deferred to 2018]
    • Conduct a survey of members to provide feedback/guidance to NJLP Leadership (Jun 30) [Not done]
    • Create a succession plan so there is an orderly transfer to the 2018 State Board (Jan 31, 2018) [Formal search committees established for officers and candidates]
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