New Jersey Libertarian Party

The Party of Principle

NJLP Strategic Plan– State Level – 2018


The purpose of the State Level Strategic Plan is to:

  • Communicate to members our key areas of focus for 2018
  • Provide a baseline against with to measure progress against our plans
  • Provide a framework which can be used by VPs/Regions as they develop their 2018 Strategic Plans
  • Use SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time Specific) goals

2018 NJ Elections

  • Recruit and nominate candidates at the 2018 NJLP State Convention (Mar 24) and Regional meetings:
    • S. Senate (1)
    • S. House of Representatives (12) [minimum 6 active, the rest “trademark” candidates]
    • County Freeholder (21) [minimum 7 active, the rest “trademark” candidates]
    • Local Offices [minimum 12, which is double 2017]
  • Raise $14,500 for the Federal and State Funds to support our candidates (Sep 30)
    • $5000 – U.S. Senate
    • $1000 – U.S. House [each, for 6 active candidates]
    • $500 – County Freeholder [each, for 7 active candidates]
  • 2018 Campaign Issues
    • Spending Cuts (Entitlements, Military et. al.)
    • Tax Cuts and Reform (Income, Corporate, Sales, Property) & Debt, based on Spending Cuts
    • Eliminate Unnecessary Regulations
    • End the Surveillance State
    • School Choice (including vouchers, charter schools, home schooling)
    • Legal Marijuana; End the failed War on Drugs
    • Local issues as appropriate
  • Voter Registration Drive (Jun 6 - Sep 30)
    • Increase number of NJ voters registered as Libertarians by 50%
      • From 8,309 (10/2017) to 12,500 (9/30/2018)

NJLP Organizational Effectiveness

  • Increase collaboration, coordination, communication among VPs and Regions
    • Board Feedback on VPs & Regions 2018 Strategic Plans (Feb 15)
    • Get formal Committees established: Marketing, Programs, and Membership (Apr 30)
  • Make it easier for candidates, members, prospective members to get information
    • Create easy to access “How Do I?” or FAQ section at the website (Jun 30)
      • g., become a member, join a committee, run for office, donate, etc.
    • Replace the current head of the Bylaws Committee and reassess members (Apr 30)
    • Revitalize the Platform Committee, incl. a permanent head and reassess members (Jun 30)
    • Conduct a survey of members to provide feedback/guidance to NJLP Leadership (Jun 30)
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