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NJLP Formally Endorses Assembly Bill Decriminalizing Marijuana

At our summer General Meeting the members present the NJLP voted to officially support Assembly Bill A4252. This bill decriminalizes the possession of 15 grams or less of marijuana. This bi-partisan bill was sponsored by Reed Gusciora (D) and Michael Carroll (R). As of this date 15 co-sponsors have signed onto the bill.

This bill is not perfect. The limit of 15 grams (approximately 1/2 ounce) is too low and "offenders" will still face $150 fine. It is a huge improvement to the current law. Offenders today face a criminal conviction with up to a $1,000 fine and six months in jail.

The NJLP Board urges you to contact your State Assemblyperson and ask them to sign on as a co-sponsor. Also contact your State Senate and urge them to Sponsor a companion bill in the Senate. The easiest method of contacting your state representatives is to use the state online tool.

A similar bill has been introduced at the federal level by former Libertarian Presidential nominee, Congressman Ron Paul and Congressman Barney Frank.

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