New Jersey Libertarian Party

The Party of Principle

2021 NJLP Convention Agenda

2021 NJLP Convention Business Meeting
March 20, 2021
Via Zoom and at 109 Mercer Street, Hightstown NJ
Proposed Agenda

Note: We will be meeting using Zoom as well as in person. Link to join the meeting will be posted later. Delegate credentialing will be performed by creating an account at Voting will be performed online at this site.

09:00 Conference Begins, Credentials and Final Tech Issues to be handle

09:30 Call to order & quorum check [Chair]

09:25 Agenda review & approval [Chair]

09:30 Secretary's Report [Secretary]

Approval of prior meeting minutes.

09:35 Treasurer's report [Treasurer]

Presentation of 2020 final budget and proposed 2021 budget (See report  pdf here (150 KB) ).

09:55 VPs Reports [Chair]

Membership -see



10:10 By Laws Committee Report

See for the final report to be presented by the committee.

10:50 Election of NJLP Officers [Secretary?]

Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, VPs Membership, Marketing, Programs

11:35  Regional Caucuses [Regional Chairs]

Nomination, Review, and Approval of Regional Candidates, Election of Regional Officers (Chair, State Board Rep et al)

Central Region

South Region

North Region

12:00 Regional Caucus Reports [Regional Chairs]

12:30 Nomination of NJLP Candidates [Chair]

Local State candidates that cross Regional boundaries, any other candidates seeking our nomination

12:15 Candidate Petitioning and Ballot Access Support [Chair]

12:25 Future Meetings, Announcements, Recognitions [Chair]

12:55 Adjournment [Chair]

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