The name of Newark International Airport was changed to Newark Liberty International Airport shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. In true Orwellian fashion this change was accompanied with authoritarian changes. The managers closed off sections that used to be large open indoor spaces. Passenger screenings became more invasive. Everyone was told to keep their eyes out and report any “suspicious activity”. A new federal department took over security at the airport. This year, the TSA took a large step towards authoritarianism by forcing passengers to choose between X rated X-ray screening or groping by security agents.

New Jersey Libertarians refused to take this change lying down. Joseph Dunsay, Jay Edgar, and Julian Heicklen handed out literature on December 23rd in Newark Liberty International Airport to educate people about how they can oppose this violation of their privacy. Several people approached us for the literature and for some discussion. Some of them were TSA agents.

This was our second education event at the Newark Airport. At both events, those who spoke to us received our Libertarian message warmly. Our hope is that we brought a few more people closer into the Libertarian fold.