2021 NJ Libertarian Party Petition

Do not edit this page - the updated link is https://njlp.org/petitions

Print all petitions in proper mode: landscape or portrait (Single Signer petition)! I once had an entire set of petitions rejected because the top header was missing due to a printer mishap!

Instructions for the single signature petitions are:

All signers must be registered voters in New Jersey.

We have a Guide To Petitioning posted on the NJLP website. I find the most useful approach to use is to state "Excuse me I'm trying to get a friend of mine on the ballot. Are you a registered voter?"

All but the Single Signature petitions must be notarized. You can get your petition notarized at any bank for free. If you have any trouble finding a notary contact us and we will direct you to one.  The notary signs and stamps the last page after watching you sign the Circulator/Witness line. The state has been waiving notary requirements, unsure if this will continue for 2021!

Once complete your petition contact us to arrange for us to pick up your petition. 

Questions can be directed to webmaster at njlp.org. Please keep us informed of your status!

Jay Edgar

PO Box 56
Tennent, NJ 07763