We are thrilled to announce our candidates for the 2021 election season.  All the people running for office have been selected by the Members of the NJLP to run for office under the New Jersey Libertarian Banner, and we couldn't be more excited about them.

See the full list of our candidates right here.

Our first featured candidates are the gubernatorial Team of Gregg Mele and Eve Brownstein.  An excerpt from their campaign Webpage is below:

Gregg Mele for Governor

Gregg Mele is a lifelong resident of NJ. Throughout the years he has experienced the NJ government expand exponentially and with that so did the costs of living here. It is time to get NJ back on the right track by limiting government, lowering the costs, increasing freedom and opportunity for everyone to have a real shot at the American dream.

Currently, Gregg C. Mele, Esq., M.B.A., practices in the following areas of law: Corporate Law; Contracts; Securities; Employment Law; Real Estate; Intellectual Property; Technology Law; Municipal Court; Debt Collection & Negotiation; Wills; Estate Planning & Administration; Immigration Law