I think it was way back between 2007 to 2012 when I became a libertarian. I’ll use the small “l”  for now. Because I had not as yet joined the party but my thoughts and outlook were becoming libertarian.  

My father was, and is, a die-hard conservative Republican. So, not knowing any better, I was as well. I think one could have considered me a “Neo-conservative” or a “Neo-Con.” I believed in “America” and everything I thought it stood for.  

In the public school I went to (I like to think of them as government-run indoctrination centers) I  had been taught about the Founding Fathers and the Revolutionary War and all the noble ideas that came with it. Most of the Presidents were lionized especially the ones that got us into wars. I was taught that World War Two was “the good war” and that we definitely, definitely,  should have fought that one, for the good of everyone. 

I love craft breweries because they are small businesses that are the backbone of our economy, they invest in the local community making it more prosperous and, most importantly —they make delicious beer.

Craft breweries are small businesses that are the backbone of the economy and they create more jobs than huge corporations ever will. The owners are plucky entrepreneurs who have a strong strain of self-reliance and a can-do attitude that is sorely needed in New Jersey. These small businesses are an economic benefit because they increase tourism and increase revenue for the state. However, regulations in New Jersey are making it difficult for craft breweries to operate and thrive because legislators are doing the bidding of big business. Big business is afraid that craft breweries will cut into their profit by drawing consumers away. These big businesses can afford to give large donations to political campaigns as well as send lobbyists to Trenton to influence politicians who then enact laws and regulations that favor those who donate over others. I have always been confused by this. New Jersey is a “blue state” with the Democrats, for the most part, having sway over politics. Supposedly the Dems are on the side of the little guy and the common man, but they then enact legislation to hurt small business owners. The notion that any of our politicians care about the little guy is just a tired old trope that they pull out to pander to their base when they need votes. 

On March 3rd Najee Seabrooks was shot and killed by police responding to a 911 call from Seabrooks family. Numerous organizations are calling for federal investigation into the shooting

This past Sunday, February 19th of 2023, I took my son to the Rage Against the War Machine Rally. This is a follow up to a previous essay explaining why I was psyched about the idea that people from different political philosophies can coalesce to fight for one cause and the opportunity to hear many speakers I admire present their cases for peace. I was not disappointed. 

But I did not go there for entertainment. I did not bring my son to Washington DC to see the sights or gain a better sense of the greatness of America. No. To the contrary, we came to Washington DC to protest. 

Irvington made national headlines last year when it filed a lawsuit against an 82-year-old woman for filing too many public records requests. Now it says a lawyer for FIRE should be prosecuted.

Irvington, New Jersey, just can't help itself. First, it tried to sue an elderly woman for filing too many public records requests, and now it's suggesting that a lawyer for the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) be criminally prosecuted for doing the same.

Read the full article at

More than a quarter of Branchburg voters said YES to term limits, putting residents first and said no to a tax increase in Tuesday’s election.  A vote for Tara Murphy and Jason MacDuffie was a declaration of independence from the GOP monopoly.  These votes came from a broad coalition of third party voters, Democrats, unaffiliated and even a few Republicans.  This bipartisan support in our historic run came from talking to people about the issues they care about.  We’ve demonstrated the viability of Libertarian candidates.  

Update September 26, 2022 - the Runnemede Borough attorney has agreed that their Disorderly Persons Ordinance should be repealed. Below is the initial letter and the borough attorney's response. For more information on this subject see Loitering Ordinances - Invalid in New Jersey.

From: John Paff
Sent: Monday, August 29, 2022 4:30 PM
Subject: Runnemede Police Department's enforcement of a preempted ordinance.

Dear Mayor Kappatos and Members of the Borough Council:

I write, both individually and in my capacity as Chairman of the New Jersey Libertarian Party’s Preempted Ordinance Repeal Project to request the Mayor and Council ask Borough Solicitor Daniel H. Long to review Borough Code § 265-5 and render an opinion on whether or not it is preempted by the New Jersey Criminal Code.

New Jersey Libertarian Party


CD 9 Republican Candidate Billy Prempeh and Libertarian Candidate Sean Armstrong Agree to Debate but Need the Democratic Candidate William Pascrell to Join Them

New Jersey—August 12th, 2022—The residents of the newly formed 9th New Jersey Congressional District have a choice between three candidates. Many are new to this re-drawn district and may not be familiar with any of these candidates or even their sitting congressman. To help them learn about the choices they may have, two of the candidates are calling for public debates to help residents familiarize themselves with these three choices.

New Jersey Libertarian Party


NJLP Statement on the FBI’s Authoritarian Activities

New Jersey – August 10, 2022

On August 8, 2022, the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. Many on the left, who previously spent years decrying law enforcement as corrupt and calling to defund the police, are celebrating this raid and denying the possibility of FBI corruption. Conversely, those on the right who have spent years curtailing civil liberties, bolstering law enforcement’s powers, and defending police as they terrorized communities, see this raid as political persecution.

We invited about a thousand of former NJLP members to the summer picnic. About 7% responded. A handful may be making their way to the event. Guys, welcome back!

Along the way, we polled them on their presidential preferences.

No candidate won a majority, but Justin Amash dominated with clear plurality, about 40%.

Among the rest of the candidates, Spike Cohen, Dave Smith and Trump tied for a second spot with 14% each.

New Jersey Libertarian Party


NJLP Statement on Murphy’s Gun Control 3.0 Package

New Jersey – July 4, 2022:

In a state where respect for gun laws is akin to Nazi Germany, Governor Phil Murphy has even further violated and restricted your right to individual sovereignty. The latest “Gun Control Package 3.0” (because 1.0 and 2.0 did not work), is uncategorically the worst legislation in the country.

We all know that Taxation is theft, but is it voluntary? CPA Neil Schloss thinks income tax is voluntary. Neil was invited to the 2022 Libertarian National Convention to give a presentation on minimizing, or totally eliminating, your income tax burden. Come to Castle Consulting in Hightstown on July 27th at 6:30 pm to learn how you can legally avoid taxes. Please email any inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New Jersey Libertarian Party


NJLP Statement on Recent Gun Violence and Proposed Gun Control Measures

New Jersey – June 2, 2022:

Summer Picnic

Saturday, July 30, 2022 at 12 PM
39 Homestead Avenue, East Hanover, NJ 07936

The NJLP will hold annual summer picnic and general meeting at 12 PM on July 30, 2022.  More info coming soon.

Summer 2022 Newsletter.

Proposed business items / agenda.

Join #project-summergeneralmeeting on Slack to discuss business items needing attention or to suggest activities for members at the event. 

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The NJ Libertarian Party Remains Committed to Protecting the Natural Right to Self Defense

New Jersey – May 23, 2022:

On Saturday, May 14, 2022, the lives of ten innocent people were senselessly taken and we join the nation in mourning this unimaginable loss. In the wake of this tragedy, we must remain committed to protecting the natural rights of citizens to own firearms to protect themselves and their loved ones. In New York and New Jersey alike, police departments have significant discretion in denying people carry permits. Since, as the Supreme Court has ruled, police officers have no duty to protect citizens, innocent people are often left without any means to protect themselves against violent individuals. No one else should have to die before the state stops violating citizens’ natural rights to self-preservation by repealing gun laws.

Tara Fisher


Home Intrusion/Data Collection Reaches New Heights in Hazlet, and it’s Not a Good Thing

Hazlet – April 22, 2022: The Hazlet Police Department has announced that the municipality has contracted with Appraisal Systems Inc. to inspect every home in the Township, inside and out, under the guise of property tax revaluations.

While such revaluations take place periodically under the law, the unprecedented nature of this level of intrusion goes in a dangerous new direction.  It is a further deterioration of civil liberties which opens the door to so many possible rights violations.  With no restrictions on what can be examined, residents are losing their privacy in the most complete way possible.

New Jersey Libertarian Party


Ed Durr Advocates for Progressive Government Handout

New Jersey – March 24, 2022:

The Republican Party once again showed that they are merely speed-limit progressives. State Senator Ed Durr introduced the Gas Price and Inflation Tax Credit Act to give $500 to households making up to a quarter of a million dollars. This will cost taxpayers nearly $1.5 billion! Not even Democrats are calling for this ridiculous payment. Durr cites inflation and rising gas prices as his reason for expanding the welfare state. Of course, further increasing government spending will only fuel a worse inflationary crisis.

New Jersey Libertarian Party


Tara Murphy and Jason MacDuffie Announce Candidacy For Branchburg Township Committee

New Jersey – March 16, 2022:

At the NJLP Convention on March 12, 2022, the New Jersey Libertarian Party nominated Tara Murphy and Jason MacDuffie for Branchburg Township Committee. Murphy and MacDuffie are both long-time New Jersey residents who are vying to break up the GOP monopoly in Branchburg. 

New Jersey Libertarian Party


NJ Libertarian Party Holds 2022 Convention, Elects New Board

New Jersey – March 15, 2022:

At the NJLP Convention on March 12, 2022, the New Jersey Libertarian Party elected a new State Board. After serving for the past year, many board members decided to step down from leadership to pursue other means of Libertarian activism. Then Chair Dan Krause gave a speech about accomplishing his goals for the NJLP over the past two years before handing the gavel over to newly elected Chair Nikhil Sureshkumar.