For immediate release
August 7, 2021

NEW JERSEY – AUGUST 23, 2021: Whereas, it is the principled belief of the New Jersey Libertarian Party and many others that individual rights must not be denied, abridged, or enhanced by Government at the expense of other people’s rights, on any basis, including – but not limited to – sex, gender identity, wealth, race, color, creed, age, national origin, political preference, biological factors, or sexual orientation and,

Whereas, freedom and responsibility cannot be separated and exclusion of moral approval or disapproval is deliberate: peoples’ rights must be recognized; the wisdom of any course of peaceful action is a matter for the acting individual to decide,

Whereas, only the individual can make medical decisions for themselves, their children and/or dependents and,
Whereas, it is the sole discretion of a property or business owner to set regulations on their land independent of Government coercion and,

Whereas, as the actions of the state at large, more specifically the State of New Jersey, have shown its interests lay in the authoritative control over the personal health decisions of free people and,

Whereas, free people have been prohibited from exercising these freedoms, namely those of association and speech and,

Whereas, the state at large and the State of New Jersey, have instituted unconstitutional restrictions on these freedoms by way of legislative actions, executive orders, and most egregiously by directives created by non-elected bodies who lack any authority to do so and,

Whereas, many states, in enforcement of such actions, have also violated the peoples’ right to due process, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED, the New Jersey Libertarian Party demands that no state observe, enact, or enforce any policy, rule or regulation that limits an individual’s right to the use of private property, restricts assemblies by the number of attendees, requires proof of vaccination for access to any aspect of society, requires mandatory vaccination of any individual or group, or infringes in any way upon an individual’s, or group’s, free movement, assembly, and/or trade. 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the New Jersey Libertarian Party demands all prior enforcement actions contradictory to the first resolution be vacated and any criminal records or penalties that resulted in the enforcement of those prior enforcement actions be expunged.