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NJ Libertarian Party Holds 2022 Convention, Elects New Board

New Jersey – March 15, 2022:

At the NJLP Convention on March 12, 2022, the New Jersey Libertarian Party elected a new State Board. After serving for the past year, many board members decided to step down from leadership to pursue other means of Libertarian activism. Then Chair Dan Krause gave a speech about accomplishing his goals for the NJLP over the past two years before handing the gavel over to newly elected Chair Nikhil Sureshkumar.

Francine Abel assumed the position of Vice-Chair after serving the past year as the Northern NJLP Chair. Carole Acton, who comes to the State Board with a wealth of experience working with party finances, was elected Treasurer. James Ripley was elected to the previously vacant Secretary position after serving two years as the Central Region Representative. Joe Baratelli will lead the Department of Programs as VP of Programs for the next year. Tara Lynn Fisher will take on the VP of Membership position. She will also serve as the South NJLP Chair. Lynn Genrich will serve as the VP of Political Affairs. She has years of experience volunteering for candidates. Michael Manieri, a notable candidate for his young age, will serve as the VP of Public Relations. Matthew Struck, Dan O’Neill, and Rich Bowen were chosen by the North, Central, and South Regions respectively to serve as Region Representatives.

The NJLP also approved a slate of candidates. For Congressional candidates, the LP nominated Kendal Ludden (NJ-10), Michael Gallo (NJ-2), Chris Russomanno (NJ-3), Dan Valentine (NJ-4), and Clayton Pajunas (NJ-7). The Central NJLP nominated Tara Murphy and Jason MacDuffie for Branchburg Township Committee. The NJLP aims to approve more candidates in the coming weeks.

The Libertarian Party of New Jersey advocates for a smaller government and protecting individuals’ rights to live freely. The Libertarian Party fields candidates in local, county, state, and federal elections and is committed to ensuring other candidates join the over 350 Libertarians holding elected office.



Michael Manieri

Vice President of Public Relations NJLP

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