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Ed Durr Advocates for Progressive Government Handout

New Jersey – March 24, 2022:

The Republican Party once again showed that they are merely speed-limit progressives. State Senator Ed Durr introduced the Gas Price and Inflation Tax Credit Act to give $500 to households making up to a quarter of a million dollars. This will cost taxpayers nearly $1.5 billion! Not even Democrats are calling for this ridiculous payment. Durr cites inflation and rising gas prices as his reason for expanding the welfare state. Of course, further increasing government spending will only fuel a worse inflationary crisis.

The GOP is unwilling to take decisive action to end the state’s massive taxation and spending. The GOP establishment has been more than happy to expand the government whenever possible. Both Congressional Republicans from New Jersey backed Biden’s over $1.5 trillion spending plan. Even when they have control of the Presidency and both chambers of Congress, spending continues to balloon while citizens face exorbitant taxes. The sad excuse for a tax cut passed during the Trump Administration lowered income taxes by a mere 1-3% in each tax bracket.


Michael Manieri
Vice President of Public Relations NJLP
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