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NJLP Statement on Murphy’s Gun Control 3.0 Package

New Jersey – July 4, 2022:

In a state where respect for gun laws is akin to Nazi Germany, Governor Phil Murphy has even further violated and restricted your right to individual sovereignty. The latest “Gun Control Package 3.0” (because 1.0 and 2.0 did not work), is uncategorically the worst legislation in the country.

If it was not apparent before, the NJ state government hates you. They do not care about your rights. They do not care about your families. They do not care about your freedom. They never have cared about any of these. There are not two ways about it: Governor Phil Murphy is a tyrant. 

The Libertarian Party of New Jersey does not support any restrictions on your right to own firearms. Libertarians understand that the natural right to self-preservation is sacred and individuals or groups may not infringe upon these natural rights. We recognize that protecting yourself and your family is a basic human right, and we have no right to command the means in which you exercise your rights. The two-party system has destroyed your civil rights. The latest legislation is a crime and treats your natural rights as fodder for the unruly, authoritarian political machine. Gun control is irrationally repugnant and the NJLP condemns those that support its oppression and racism.



Michael Manieri
Vice President of Public Relations NJLP 
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