FLORHAM PARK, NJ – June 15, 2023 – The New Jersey Libertarian Party (NJLP) today announces that after persistent advocacy, the Florham Park Town Council will finally repeal a long-standing code, deemed unlawful since 1978.

NJLP’s advocacy has led Florham Park to recognize the inherent issues with the code. The Town Council's decision to repeal aligns the town with New Jersey state law, mitigating potential legal ramifications and fostering a more inclusive social environment.

"The New Jersey Legislature decided not to include such crimes in New Jersey's Criminal Code due to the potential misuse, and every New Jersey town should adhere to this decision. We sincerely appreciate Florham Park Town Council's decision to delete these outdated and unfair codes," said John Paff, Chair of the NJLP Preempted Ordinance Project. "The NJLP is determined to continue our mission town by town across New Jersey, challenging and working to repeal any antiquated or illegal codes regulating street behavior. Our ultimate goal is to ensure our laws are fair, just, and upholding the rights of the people and the fundamental values of individual liberty as set forth in our constitution."

Arielle Shack, Chair of the Northern New Jersey Libertarian Party, will represent the party at the council meeting scheduled for June 15, 2023, where the repeal is set to officially be carried out. The NJLP invites the public to the repeal, to witness the landmark decision that will ensure the protection of individual rights in Florham Park.

About the New Jersey Libertarian Party

The New Jersey Libertarian Party (NJLP) is a political party, committed to advocating for a society where individual liberty, free markets, and limited government are paramount. Through political action and public advocacy, the NJLP seeks to significantly reduce government intervention and uphold individual liberties.

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Arielle Shack
VP Public Relations, New Jersey Libertarian Party

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