A804, NJ's medical marijuana bill is scheduled for a legislative hearing on Thursday in Trenton. We have gotten S119 through the Senate, we need a repeat performance on A804. The following is a message from the Drug Policy Alliance:

Here in New Jersey, you and I have been working hard to end the drug war. Next up is medical marijuana. Today, you can take action to help pass our state's Compassionate Use Act.

No one should have to choose between accessing needed medicine or being labeled a criminal. This is your chance to make sure they don't have to. This important bill will have a hearing on Thursday.

Send the New Jersey Assembly Health Committee a message: Vote yes on the Compassionate Use Act today!

You and I have come a long way. Because of your dedication, we got the medical marijuana bill through the Senate, and now we're pushing for it in the Assembly.

Keeping people from their medicine is bad drug policy, and together, we are transforming New Jersey into a place where our communities and families are safe from this country's failed war on drugs. Take action now by writing to the Assembly Health Committee.

Thank you for all that you do.


Roseanne Scotti
Director, New Jersey
Drug Policy Alliance Network

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