New Jersey Libertarian Party General Meeting

Sunday November 12, 2017 – Killarney's 5:00pm


5:00 Call to order & quorum check [Chair]

5:00 Agenda review & approval [Chair]

5:05 Membership Report [VP of Membership]

5:10 Secretary's Report [Secretary]

Approval of minutes of prior board meeting

5:15 Treasurer's report [Treasurer]

Ongoing Business

5:20 Candidate Updates and Support [Region Reps, Candidates]

5:30 Planning of December Holiday Party & 2018 State Convention [General Meeting Committee]

5:40 Recruitment and Support Team for 2018 Candidate for U.S. Senate [VP Programs]

5:50 Recruitment and Support Team for 2018 Candidates for U.S. House, County Freeholder, local offices [Region Reps (on behalf of Region Chairs)]

6:00 Recruitment Team for Candidates for 2018 NJLP Officer Roles [Secretary, Treasurer]

New Business

6:10 Approval of Proposed Bylaws change regarding Regional Secretaries [Vice Chair]

6:15 New Social Media Volunteers [Chair]

6:20 Adjournment