In the November 2023 election the NJ Libertarian Party is supporting the following candidates.

  • NJ State Senate District 2 - Shawn Peck Shawn Peck Facebook
  • NJ Assembly District 13 - John Morrison Morrison Instagram
  • NJ State Senate District 16 - Richard J. Byrne
  • NJ Assembly District 19 - David Diez
  • Branchburg Town Council - Tara Murphy Tara Murphy Facebook
  • Allendale Town Council - Zachary Finkelstein
  • Mercer County Sheriff - Drew Cifrodelli Drew Facebook Morrison Instagram
  • Stanhope School Board - Lana Leguia Lana Leguia Facebook Lana Leguia Twitter

Please provide whatever support you can to our candidates! State candidates can be supported via our State Fund.

If you are interested in running under our banner next year contact the state board and fill out a questionnaire.