Dear NJLP Friends,

I have reached out many times asking for assistance and help, and until now I believed that the only rewards available were glorification and knowledge that you aided in an important cause, liberty. Well today I address you all with some information I came across. It appears that besides the chance to help the liberty movement and your fellow NJLP members, it appears you can obtain tangible rewards. That’s right, you can win prizes.

In a recent conversation I had with a representative for the Advocates for Self Government (The people who create the World’s Smallest Political Quiz) I was informed about the Lights of Liberty Award. It seems that when they are not busy retooling the most effective political quiz in the county, the Advocates accept submissions from everyday freedom fighters that detail their assistance in disseminating the Quiz. Now I won’t detail every nuance of the rules, but anyone who submits three accounts of working an OPH (Operation Politically Homeless) event, gives a political speech, or publishes a Libertarian article in a non-Libertarian news source (I don’t think craigslist counts) gets put in the running for the Lights of Liberty Award. There are many different prize variants, and those who only submit a single activity are still put in the running for other great prizes. Furthermore simply by submitting a single activity, you receive a promotional code which gives you a discount from the Advocates’ online store.

Now a great many of you likely believe that you have never participated in an OPH activity, but you are mistaken. I personally emailed a representative for the Lights of Liberty website and asked if giving the World’s Smallest Political Quiz from one of our booths counts. Guess what, it does. What does this mean you might ask? Should you be so kind as to donate some of your time to the NJLP at one of our events and help give out the quiz and/ or go out on your own to a nearby event (county fair, township event etc) and disseminate the quiz by yourself, you can rightfully apply for the award. I will even go so far as to say that should I serve alongside you at an event that I will personally submit an application for the award on your behalf.

All that said the ball, once again, rests in your court. We have asked nicely before for more participation, and now you are all well aware of potential tangible benefits which you can reap. There aren’t any major excuses anymore, so I look forward to seeing all of you volunteer at our next events. Should you have a questions or concerns about finding events near you to participate at, just contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will do what I can to aid in your endeavors. I expect to see many NJLP names appear on their honor board, and many more of you to tell us about how great it feels to receive the Light of Liberty Award. For further information about the award please visit their website at…


Yours in Liberty,

William F. (Bill) Sihr IV: Steering Committee-at-Large