Originally Published in The Record, October 18, 2016

Regarding "A meeting of the minds at freeholder forum" (The Record, Oct. 14, 2016):

At the Bergen County freeholders candidates forum last week there were seven candidates: six "Republicans: and one Libertarian.

All of the Democratic and Republican candidates paid lip service to lowering taxes, but provided not a single example of how they would accomplish this. At the same time, all six of them supported increased spending on every initiative mentioned with no mention of how to pay for them or what the impact on taxes would be. They were more than happy to pander to the voters' fantasy of having more services and lowering taxes.

Only the Libertarian Party candidate, Pete Rohrman, was willing to talk specifics about cutting spending, including selling Bergen Regional Medical Center, phasing out taxpayer funding for Bergen Community College, and opposing any increases in non-mandatory spending.

Erol Sirmoglu