Published in The Record

I have been reading the many less-than-positive things people have to say about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for this election.

It seems the majority of people find both to be a "hold your nose" choice. Their aim seems to be to keep the other from winning the election.

Fortunately, there is a way to prevent both from entering the White House as there is a mathematical chance for a third choice to win if all opposed to Trump or Clinton join forces.

Gary Johnson, based on his policy choices (not just his inability to rapidly respond to poorly worded questions), is a choice worth serious consideration. He believes in conservative spending and will use his veto as he did numerous times as a two-term Republican governor in New Mexico. And being socially tolerant on civil issues seems like a win-win for anyone finding it hard to vote for Trump or Clinton.

This year in New Jersey, we also have a record number of choices besides Democrats and Republicans at many levels of government.

Voters should not give in to fear that they must vote against the candidate they dislike the most. They should learn more about a viable third option before Election Day.

Mike Mazzeo