Voters have a third choice for president

Saturday, August 30, 2008

As the Democratic Party anoints its presidential candidate, and the Republicans will soon do so, voters have a third choice -- the Libertarian Party candidate for president, Bob Barr.

Libertarians stand for lowering taxes and reducing the scope and reach of government. The most frequent objection I hear to voting for Barr from people who agree with Barr and the Libertarian Party's goals of lowering taxes and reducing government is that voting for Barr is a wasted vote.

Nonsense. For a political party to participate in the national presidential debates, it needs to poll at about 15 percent.

For a political party to qualify for campaign matching funds, it must receive 5 percent of the total popular vote of the prior election. According to Zogby International, Barr is currently polling above 5 percent in many states, including 11 percent in New Hampshire, 8 percent in Georgia and Colorado, and 6 percent in Texas, and his numbers are going up.

Therefore, each vote is important -- including those for third-party candidates.

Walter Luers