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Between the liberals who can’t keep their hands off our wallets and the conservatives who can’t keep their noses out of our bedrooms, American government has made a mockery of the ideals of our founding fathers.

Thomas Jefferson said, “That government governs best that governs least.” He might as well have been from Mars.

What makes it even worse is that the aforementioned liberals and conservatives are now in cahoots, each looking the other way while their supposed “opponents” run rampant with yet more nanny state or police state initiatives.

The only party that still believes in limited government today is the Libertarian Party. People don't vote for them because of the belief it would be a wasted vote.

In reality, taking into account the sameness of the two major parties (after all, we’re promised even more big government this fall by both), a vote for the Republicans or Democrats is even worse than a wasted vote.

It’s like continuing to shop at the same two stores that screw us over and over again – it makes them think we like it.

Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr won’t win this fall, of course, but how else will our leaders get the message that so many of us feel.

Limited government, low taxes, and personal responsibility are worthwhile American values, unless we vote that way?

One has to have a longer-term outlook in the hopes of stopping this nation from sliding ever deeper into authoritarian socialism. Our children deserve a better world than that.


Peter Hill, Woodstown, N.J.