In the year 2019 the worst economic collapse in history has rocked the United States and many questions have been left unanswered. Federal Reserve Investigator, Jay Nelson (De’Lon Grant), is assigned to a suspected arson case where a group of homes, owned by the Federal Reserve Bank, have been burned to the ground. His investigation soon leads him to a thriving, underground Rebel movement that is poised to destroy the Federal Reserve. Jay realizes there is much more to this arson case than meets the eye, and after being baited by the beautiful and vigilant Rebel leader, Zoe Taylor (Philana Mia), Jay begins to question his allegiance to the Fed. With an ageless, yet well-timed message against corruption, Silver Circle is a story that may feel a little too close for comfort.

We will be screening this movie at dusk during our picnic on July 13th. The picnic is a joint effort of the Campaign for Liberty and the New Jersey Libertarian Party. We start our meetings around noon with a picnic afterwards. There is a hot tub and plenty of room for camping out. See our meetup page for more details.