To Our NJ Community and Concerned Citizens,

The New Jersey Libertarian Party supports freedom and anonymity of political speech and spending, and opposes efforts to restrict it. Let the public evaluate the credibility of anonymous statements.

NJLP has full confidence that Shawn Peck was and still remains the best candidate to represent LD2 in the NJ Senate. We urge all libertarian, conservative, liberal and independent minded voters in LD2 to disregard this minor controversy and cast a vote for Shawn when you come to the ballot box.

We enjoy Republican establishment worries over losing support of libertarian leaning voters to actual Libertarian candidates. That past support for Republican candidates was unearned in the first place; to earn it, Republicans should respond to issues important to our voters. And if they are truly concerned about this non-problem, it has a well known solution, Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). We encourage our Republican colleagues to support speedier adoption of RCV for State Assembly and Senate races. NJ Senate Republicans refuse to support RCV. When RCV is adopted, Libertarian and independent voters will be able to specify which of the legacy parties would be their second preference. We say this to the Republican Party: Your current predicament is of your own making. By refusing to support RCV, you enable dirty tricks by your opponents, and may well pay the price.

Dear disgruntled Republican voters, are you feeling betrayed and your issues ignored by the GOP establishment? Don’t get mad, get even. Take Shawn’s lead and run for office in 2024 on a Libertarian ticket. You’re not alone. Shawn Peck has surely gotten the attention of GOP leaders by running as a Libertarian, and so could you. We extend the same invitation to Kennedy Democrats who feel their party no longer represents their views.

In Liberty, 

James Ripley
Chair, NJLP