Fellow Libertarians,

The last few months have been extremely busy and exciting for me as business is really taking off.  I have traveled and will continue to travel extensively both domestically and internationally and must apologize for the lack of time I have spent in New Jersey.  It is not that I have not been working on projects to promote Liberty because I have, and in fact just this week attended the State Chairs conference in Charleston, South Carolina representing the NJLP.  In speaking with other chairs, and reflecting on the last two years as chair, I have come to the conclusion that two years is enough.  It is time for a fresh set of eyes to move us forward.  In that regard, I will not be seeking reelection as chair.  I wanted to give everyone a little heads up before the convention.

Over the last few months I have talked with Sean Colon and Kevin Ferrizzi about my possible intentions and both have decided to run again for positions in the NJLP.  Sean as Chair, and Kevin as treasurer.  I am also hoping both Derek Demarco and Paul Tahan have the time to run again also.  I enthusiastically endorse all of them, and recommend they put together a team before the convention they want to see elected, and whom they can work with effectively.

I will continue to work with the NJLP, and my intention is to help fund projects and donate my time that I have a passion for.  I am currently helping on a special election in NY, working on a liberty project with Jay Boucher, have been asked to help in upcoming elections in Pennsylvania, hope to find ways to fund the kiosk in NJ again this year, and last but certainly not least continue to run and participate in campaigns with my business partner and friend Jason Scheurer.

As for the convention, I applaud the work and time both Walter Luers and Sean Colon have put into the upcoming convention.  They are trying a different approach, to attract business people to our convention and others that might not normally attend a Libertarian event.  I like to remind those who need reminding, that we had two "free events" last year, that were very poorly attended by our members, so lets help and support Sean and Walter's efforts to make this convention a success.  Conventions cost money, and often guarantees need to be met, and I will put my money where my mouth is and challenge and urge others to do the same.  Today a check is in the mail for $525.00.  My registration cost and the sponsorship of two students of my choosing.  One has helped grow the Rutgers Libertarian party and the other helped gather signatures for Bob Barr and Jason Scheurer.  For those that can afford the cost, I urge you to sign up now.  To those fortunate enough to maybe sponsor a student or two, I have a list of great candidates.  To our other members that cannot afford the full cost, I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.  Although our Sunday meeting is "free" I am sure you all understand there is no "free lunch" so making a small donation now towards our convention cost goes a long way in meeting our financial obligations.

Thank you and In Liberty,
Lou Jasikoff