Fellow activists,

While things have seemed to be quiet over the last few months we have moved forward with a few projects I would like to update you on, especially as we move into what I think will be a very exciting election year.

First off a big thank you to Jay Edgar for updating our website it looks great. For those who have not seen it please check it out, and more importantly get involved. It took a lot of time and energy on Jay's part to get this done, so thanks from all of us!

In an effort to get more participation in our meetings we will be having our monthly meeting via conference call this month. It will be at 8pm Monday the 21st. Hopefully those officers that are out of town, or find it difficult to make meetings will find this more convenient. I would like everyone to keep an open mind about this and try to see if it works, we are looking for ways to increase participation. If it does seem to work, I will open it up to more people and maybe do it every other week for more members and people who want to get involved. Thanks to Sean Colon for setting it up.

The convention date has been set for the 14th, 15th, and 16th of March. It is in conjunction with Pennsylvania, and maybe Delaware and Maryland. It will be held at the Desmond, in King of Prussia. Before anyone jumps down our throats about the little added mileage difference think first of the concessions Mik Robertson, Chair of Pennsylvania made when instead of having their convention in the middle of the state settled on a location right outside of Philadelphia. He comes from the far western portion of Pennsylvania. It was our intention to have one of the bigger and better attended conventions this election year so we could attract the presidential candidates to a debate and get quality speakers. Combined we become the second largest voting block at the convention and with invitations going out to delegates of Delaware, Maryland, W.Virginia and all the New England states it will be a must for any serious candidate to attend. Already committed is Burns, Root, Link, Imperato, Phillies, and Jackson. Invitations will also be sent out to all Ron Paul meetup groups. I am hoping this will be one of the better events held this year and look forward to working with the guys from Pennsylvania. I have commitments from some of the more influential members of our party from around the country to speak but will make it official when it becomes official. We will have a web site up shortly just for the convention with all details, pricing, speakers etc. It should be a great opportunity for us all to meet fellow Libertarians from our region and around the country. I will keep you all updated as we move forward.

The law suit brought by the Libertarian Party and Jason Scheurer vs. the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission asking the court to rule on the Constitutionality of the law is moving forward and a possible court date is this coming Friday the 18th. A big thanks to Walter Luers for taking on this task and representing us all for the sake of liberty.

As always if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

In Liberty,

Lou Jasikoff
Chair, NJLP