In 2003, President George W. Bush stated the following: “When somebody hurts, government has got to move.” It was President Bush that believed that every solution required government intervention. He was not alone. This has been the belief of a majority of Americans since the 1900s. Americans since that time have believed that government was the instrument that could provide for all, that could make people moral and virtuous and can right any wrong in human activity and human life. After examining the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st, after looking at our national debt, our unfunded liabilities and the intrusions by government in all aspects of human life, the report card is in: this belief and philosophy is bankrupt.

The majority of Americans, as well as our leaders, believed that they could use government to create a Utopia here on earth. That they could create not only paradise, but that they could create “a fair and just society.” They have failed to look at history, they failed to look at other countries that have implemented this falsehood and failed to look at other examples to prove how empty and futile this was. Now, in the present time, we Americans find ourselves at the time of reckoning. We must decide where we go from here. Will Americans decide the tried and true path that our Founders have laid out for us, or do we submit to the belief in a philosophy that is nothing more than an illusion? This is what we must decide and this is the road we find ourselves on. The choice is clear.