In every human life, there are times when one must make tough and painful choices in order to move forward. These choices may come in matters concerning one’s health and welfare, one’s emotional and psychological well being, with regards to one’s family or regarding one’s financial, moral or economic well being. These choices are very difficult and are very tough to make. Nevertheless, these choices are made everyday to secure a better tomorrow and are done bravely with great consultation. When it comes to politicians, however, it is a very different story. Often times, politicians would like to take the easy way out or make no decision whatsoever in terms of issues, policy and when it comes to deficits and spending. These are people who not only want to have their cake and eat it too, but also want to keep what they have in terms of access, money, prestige and power, not to mention control of the purse strings.

This nation is facing a $14 trillion and counting national deficit. This deficit did not accumulate during one presidential administration, but through an accumulation of presidential terms going back years and decades. This deficit is unsustainable. Both Republicans and Democrats have given lip service with regards to this matter, but have never done anything about it. They collectively piled on more to the debt with more spending and decided in their “wisdom” to punt it all to the next generation.


This cannot go on and continue.

If the politicians in Washington, and the people of the United States, are serious about tackling this problem, then painful choices will have to be made. This nation can not afford to cut “here” and “there;” everything must be on the table. If it means that military spending be cut considerably, so be it; If entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid or other be cut deeply, so be it; If it means that a favorite department, agency, endowment, corporation or other sacred cow be cut, then it must be done and done vigorously.

The days of passing the buck is over and done with. We can no longer afford it any more. If this nation’s debt is not dealt with, this nation will join Greece, Portugal, Spain and Ireland which had recently and collectively declared their bankruptcy. As to the politicians that still do not want to face this reality, my message is clear: you are on notice. I do not care who you are or what party you represent, reduce this debt or lose your job. That is all.