There was once a time in America when we all praised the open mind. That we praised hearing open, honest and thoughtful debate on all sides of an argument; that we looked at all information, data and evidence; that we listened and read openly what people had said and wrote; that we would test our hypothesis over and over again always with the open mind and the come to our own conclusions.

Since the late 1960s and early 70s, most Americans have abandoned all that considering it all passé. They replaced it with their own prejudices, ideology and their own beliefs. In short, since that time, there has been a deliberate closing of the American mind.

For example, back in the 1960s and 70s, Keynesian economics was literally taken as gospel by many individuals in society and in politics as a whole. Many accepted that premise that government and deficit spending was justified to keep the economy flowing and moving. No one was willing to listen and read opposing points of view. They were not willing to listen and read economists such as Ludwig Von Mises, Milton Freidman, F.A. Hayek, Arthur Laffer, Steven Moore, Henry Hazlitt, and other schools of thought. In fact, even now, today, there are some that act with hostility, anger and malice when challenging the notions of Keynesian theory. That same anger also applies on other issues as well such as abortion, affirmative action, climate change, the minimum wage, rent control and so on and so forth. You challenge assumptions and “conventional wisdom,” and some people will get bent out of shape. It is then that they will attack your character, degrade you, smear you, shout you down, ridicule you and shame you into silence. This is not what the United States is all about and this is very much akin to having tyranny over the minds, hearts and souls of individuals.

The moment the human mind closes up is the moment that it becomes similar to depriving the body of food and sunlight. If the American mind remains closed, then the future will look bleak and human beings will be thought of as nothing more than soulless and thoughtless robots. It is time to open the American mind up once again for our sake and for the sake of generations to come.