The recent stories regarding Anna Gristina and Catherine Scalia have once again brought up the issue of prostitution in the Empire State to the forefront. These women feel that they have done nothing wrong and they also feel that they have a right to engage in this activity, regardless of what others may think. While I personally find the thought of any adult man or woman selling his or her body for the purposes of sex disgusting and abominable, I also feel that these women should not be prosecuted and that the practice of prostitution should be decriminalized.


A majority of Americans, particularly New Yorkers, agree that what transpires in people’s bedrooms and in other private setting should be none of the government’s business. If an individual adult chooses to rent out his or her body to commit sex acts with other adults for monetary gain, morally revolting as it may be, they should be allowed to do so.

Just as the state of Nevada legalized prostitution many years ago, New York State would be wise to follow suit and leave the matter up to consenting adults.