Rahm Emmanuel commented that one should never let a good crisis go to waste.  He’s absolutely right.  Success demands decisive action when opportunities arise..

This is exactly what the Left does after every tragic public shooting incident and what they are doing in the wake of Sandy Hook. 

But the programs that gun control advocates advance do not make us safer; they just make us more vulnerable and more dependent upon government.  However, that is exactly what these programs are really intended to accomplish - to make us ever more dependent upon government.

Really, aren’t we dependent enough upon government?  So many of us are dependent upon government for our weekly paycheck.  Perhaps you work in an industry that is dependent upon government subsidies. If you are not working you may depend on welfare, disability and food stamps.  We depend upon government to educate our children and sustain us in retirement.  Government underwrites the mortgages on our homes.  Soon we may all be looking to government for medical care. 

If the Left has its way, peaceful people such as your selves will be left defenseless and totally dependent upon government for protection.  Mitt Romney said that 47% of Americans are dependent upon government.  That may be the only time in his life that he was truly conservative.  The number is way higher than that.

We are not meant to be a dependent people.  America was founded with declaration of independence!  We are proud and free.  The founders envisioned a free people who were empowered to defend their liberty with their own arms and organized into “well regulated” local militia.  By “well regulated” the founders did not mean that the government would be in the business of telling free people what weapons they can and cannot own.  A “well regulated militia” is a local fighting force that is well trained, drilled and disciplined to defend the local community.

There is a word for docile people who are dependent on their keepers for sustenance and protection.  The word is “sheeple”.  And when hear that word, “sheeple” I hear the prophet Isaiah warning:

Though harshly treated, he submitted

and did not open his mouth;

Like a lamb led to slaughter

or a sheep silent before shearers,

Seized and condemned, he was taken away.

Throughout the world countless sheeple have been slaughtered by totalitarian regimes that bred dependency and disarmed their people.  These Utopian regimes including China, the USSR and Nazi Germany killed over 120 million of their own citizens.

If this many people died, imagine how many more suffered in fear, oppression and bondage.

While crimes like Sandy Hook and Columbine are intolerable and inexcusable, they in no way compare to the violence and devastation that a government can visit upon its unarmed citizens.

This is why the founders placed the RTBA near the top of the Bill of Rights.  They knew that the American people could only remain fee if they possessed the means to defend themselves against any and all threats.

Is it a surprise to anyone that gun control was first directed at America’s longest suffering minority, African Americans?  From colonial times through Reconstruction, people of color were prohibited from owning firearms in numerous localities. Do you think that this was for their “protection”?  For their  “children”?

Our government treats us like slaves, like second class citizens when they legislate to disarm us.

And that is why libertarians are unyielding supporters of the Second Amendment.