Recently at a gathering in Rome, Pope Francis stated that in order to help out the poor and the downtrodden, government must do more. While I admire the Pope’s adoration for the less fortunate and those at the bottom of the economic ladder, I believe that government assistance is the last thing that they need. After more than 70 years of the Welfare State, and the implementation of social programs designed to help the poor, the state has failed and, instead of helping the poor and the downtrodden, it has enslaved them, so much so that they consider it a lifestyle. They have become so dependent on the state to assist them in housing, food etc. that they do not want to be self-sufficient, moving up the latter and being independent. They have chosen to become slaves of government.

Most people will then ask me the following question: “If the state cannot help the poor and the downtrodden, then who can?” Here’s the answer: Churches, Synagogues, Non-Profits, Businesses, Institutions, Individuals and others. If given the opportunity, these entities not only can help out the poor and the downtrodden, but they can also teach the value and worth of being independent, having dignity and being free in a free society. Furthermore, they would be the teachers and helpers of the free market and upward mobility whereas the state cannot do that.

At this time, this viewpoint is not welcomed by most Americans. However, with the enormity of the national debt and with the enormity of trillions in unfunded liabilities to fund these social programs, this will be considered and it should be. I believe in the future that the help of the private sector will be more welcoming than the help of government and that the American people will be the better for it.