When he ran for the presidency in 2008, Barack Obama was treated like a rock star by the mainstream press. Here was a candidate that was new. Here was someone who was articulate, good looking, with a nice family and a beautiful and adoring wife. Barack Obama campaigned as the candidate of “hope and change.” He campaigned as a candidate that would “fundamentally transform the U.S.” He also campaigned as a “healer” and a man that would “transform politics.” After more than five years in office, it has become apparent that not only did the mainstream press sell the public a bill of goods, not only was the image that they presented of Barack Obama an illusion, but that his presidency has been an utter and abysmal failure.

On foreign policy, Mr. Obama has shown that he is not an insightful, decisive and thoughtful leader. He has shown himself to be inept and weak; U.S. allies distrust Mr. Obama and believe that his foreign policy is schizophrenic. Allies in Europe are distancing themselves. Those who would harm the U.S. consider Mr. Obama a laughingstock, and many people whom I have personally talked to believe that he is in over his head.

On his signature issue, the Affordable Health Care Act, the roll out as well as the program itself has been a disaster. There have been times when looking at Obama speak with regards towards the issue; he seemed to be disconnected from reality. He has also, when challenged on the issue, attacked news organizations and others when they presented flaws in the program and the law.

On other issues, like the scandals engulfing his administration, the attacks on the liberty and rights of those who oppose his policies, and in other areas, Obama has also shown a disconnection from reality. Not only that, Mr. Obama feels that because he won two elections, and that because there is divided government, he has the authority to rule by executive fiat. Worse yet, his own party is applauding his actions irrespective if it is legal or not, to my sadness. Barack Obama is the president that Richard M. Nixon always wished he could be. He brought about a Constitutional crisis that needs to be addressed and resolved quickly.

When the history books are written, not only will it show that President Obama was a failed president, not only will it show a corrupt Democratic Party, but it will show how corrupt the mainstream press was. They failed to investigate Barack Obama’s background. They failed to ask and investigate his associations and they gave him favorable treatment regarding it all. Barack Hussein Obama was a media creation and they created and thrusted upon America a Frankenstein.