Democratic congressional leader Nancy Pelosi once stated that when it came to government spending, there was “nothing else to cut.”  All programs, departments and agencies were already cut to the bone. Not only was this a falsehood, it was a poor attempt at deception. There are many areas where government can eliminate or cut spending. If it were up to me, I would start cutting or eliminating the following:

  • The Department of Homeland Security: This department is useless in the fact that it has wasted billions in taxpayer monies, and it has failed to protect the homeland from terror, as we have seen from the incidents in Oklahoma and Boston. The Department of Defense along with Immigration and Naturalization and the Federal Bureau of Investigations is all we need.
  • The Department of Education: Does it make sense for taxpayers to send education dollars to Washington, D.C. only to have it come back again? Does it make sense to nationalize education?  The education of children, teenagers and young adults should be the domain of states and local government. They are more in tune with the people that reside there, and they and parents can be the best judges of what should and should not be taught.
  • The Corporation for Public Broadcasting: With the advent of cable and satellite television giving the public over a thousand channels, and with the internet doing the same, PBS has outlived its purpose. PBS should be sold and given to a private entity and taxpayers should be off the hook in funding programs, opinions and other things that they do or do not subscribe to.
  • The Bureau of Indian Affairs: If there was ever an agency that has harmed more human beings, it is this one in my view. This agency has taught Native Americans to be dependent on the state, and it has hurt their lot in many ways.  Go to any reservation and you will see squalor, poverty, alcohol and drug abuse, broken homes, properties not kept and more. This agency should be either be reformed or eliminated.
  • The Department Of Agriculture: This department has not benefitted farmers as much as it has benefitted charlatans and big agricultural businesses. It is a waste of taxpayer monies and it should go into that gentle goodnight.
  • The Food and Drug Administration: This agency was designed to protect Americans from bad food and medicines from coming to market. However, it has prevented promising medications by two to five years in the approval process. Private testing companies can do better in testing and can do it for a great deal less. They can also reject or accept medicines and food in a faster time period better than can a bureaucracy.

There are more areas where I would cut, but it would be a long letter.

At this point in time, it is uncertain whether the political class in Washington would have the courage and the gumption to cut spending let alone the federal government. However, the way I see it, with $18trillion in debt, and with this behemoth of a federal government growing in size and scope, diminishing the liberties of all Americans in the future, it will have to be done. The political class will have no choice. There is no other alternative. Government and government spending will have to be cut down to Constitutional size.