Sen. Joseph Vitale (D-Middlesex), who's office I drive by quite often since it is near where I work, is crafting a bill that will bring Universal Health Care to NJ. It will force everyone in the state to buy health insurance and will require the raising of taxes to fund this program on a continual basis. And here is the kicker... Corzine is supporting this bill despite the fact that he has sworn to freeze state spending. Hmmmm... you mean to tell me that Universal Health Care won't raise state spending? And how about the $56 billion or so hole in the state pension fund? How does the state of NJ plan to plug all its holes in the budget by making the largest sinkhole of all?

Maybe I am stupid but I don't see how forcing people to buy health care is the way to resolve the health care issue. State officials are saying that part of the plan would be to convert Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey into a for-profit company and that this will create a windfall that will pay for part of the program. How much of a windfall? Its estimated at $1 billion to $2.5 billion, and this is only supposed to pay for part of it which shows you the financial magnitude of this bill. We already have subsidized health care in NJ and now we will have government health care in NJ. Now our freedoms when it comes to our own health is being stripped away from us. I will get a hold of this "bill" and publish it on my blog so that everyone can see how our freedoms are being taken away from us.

The news story can be found here.

Posted originally: 03/17/2008