I attended the joint convention and it was a great experience. I met an array of VIP Libertarians, watched the presidential debate, and got elected to the position of Vice Chairman of the NJ Libertarian Party. I have to thank Lou Jasikoff for all the work he has done last year as Chairman and also for the opportunity that he and the rest of the party are giving me this year to further the cause of liberty in the state of NJ. I was also elected Chairman of the joint Somerset, Middlesex, and Union Libertarian County Committee. I have always believed that the key to success in our state is to establish strong local grassroots organizations and I am glad that I am now in a position to head up that effort. The slate of elected officials of the NJLP for this year is as follows:

Chairman: Lou Jasikoff
Vice Chairman: Sean Colon
Secretary: Paul Tahan
Treasurer: Kevin Ferrizzi
Member At Large: Ken Kaplan
Member At Large: Derek Demarco
Member At Large: Jason Scheurer

Having worked alongside all of these fine Libertarians in the past I have great hopes for what we will be able to accomplish this upcoming year.

I was able to have a great series of conversations with Christine Smith, a Libertarian presidential candidate, and I would encourage all Libertarians to go check out her website at http://www.libertarianforpresident.com/. I was also impressed by Wayne Allyn Root who I unfortunately did not get an opportunity to meet personally. He is also a presidential candidate and you can find him on the web at http://www.root4america.com. Despite missing Root I had the pleasure of meeting Michael Badnarik, Bill Redpath, George Phillies, Bob Jackson, Murray Sabrin, George Ajjan, Ken Krawchuk, James Babb and many others. Needless to say it was quite a convention.

I have photos and video and will post those soon after I am able to compile them onto my computer.

Posted originally: 03/17/2008