In NJ anyone younger than 19 years old cannot buy cigarettes and now they are passing a law that will make it illegal to smoke in public if you are under 19. This is a very sad state of affairs. With all the pressing issues which our great state must deal with our elected officials are focusing on attacking our right to buy and smoke cigarettes. Now I don't smoke myself and I discourage all my loved ones from smoking, but to tell a legal adult, someone who can vote and die for their country, that they cannot buy or smoke cigarettes is ludicrous. It's the Nanny state telling its little children what they should do and what they shouldn't do, except instead of being sent to your room you are being fined and imprisoned. They are taking our freedoms one year at a time and it is unacceptable.

Send a letter to your local assemblymen and state senator and let them know what you think. Let them know that they must focus on balancing the budget, lowering taxes, and restoring our freedoms instead of dictating to us what's best for their childr... I mean constituents.

Here is the news story.