The Hudson County Sheriff's Office caught 57 fugitives this month in what was called "Operation Talon". I consider this quite an accomplishment for one County Sheriff's Office. Though the news worthy part of this story is in how they got caught, they cut off their welfare benefits. After finding that their benefits were cut these geniuses went to the county welfare office to complain. The police waited there and arrested every single one.

Now let me ask the really stupid question because maybe I am missing something here... why were they still receiving welfare benefits as fugitives?

And what makes it even worse is that many of these individuals had been charged with violating their probation which means that they had been recently released from prison and then subsequently enrolled into our welfare system. So we, the taxpayers, pay for their imprisonment and when they are released we continue to pay to support them. That actually is a great retirement plan, I should go rob a bank and live off the government for the rest of my life.

This is evidence of the gaping holes through which money floods out of in our local and state government. We not only imprison the highest percentage of our population in relation to every other country in the world but we also enroll them into welfare.

No wonder we have to tax the hell out of everyone.

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