Fairleigh Dickinson University posted the results of a recent poll yesterday that shows how many people don't know who the GOP candidates are. When all voters were polled the numbers stood at Joe Pennacchio being unrecognized by 77%, Murray Sabrin by 84% and Andy Unanue by 90%. When narrowed down to just Republican voters the numbers come out to 29% saying they?ve heard of Pennacchio, 18% saying they?ve heard of Sabrin, and 12% saying they?ve heard of Unanue. (These polls were tricky to get because the Star Ledger article was linked to the wrong poll, what else can we expect from them?) Joe Pennacchio has been the front runner in gaining the endorsement of county organizations but this poll shows that the race is still wide open.

On the other side of the aisle we have Rep. Rob Andrews who is still deciding whether he wants to run against Sen. Frank Lautenberg while Morristown Mayor Donald Cresitello is convinced he can beat Lautenberg in the upcoming primary. Andrews has been getting support from the southern Jersey Dems of the George Norcross variety and Lautenberg has gotten support from the northern Jersey Dems of the Steve Adubato variety.

The big question is what does this all mean for the NJ Libertarian Party? Good news! Jesse Ventura got elected as a third party candidate to the position of Governor of Minnesota by allowing the Dems and GOP to fight among themselves while he led a clean and successful campaign. I also believe that the result of the Democratic primary will show how NJ voters how the establishment candidate is always the winner. The only reason why the GOP race is still open is because there is no real establishment candidate. "Joe Penn" and Unanue both have had their credibility riddle with holes with Unanue leaning on his money and "Joe Penn" leaning on his early momentum. Murray Sabrin wants to reform the current NJ Republican Party so that automatically scratches him off as a non establishment candidate.

The next big question is what do we do to take advantage of this opportunity?

  • Help Murray Sabrin's campaign. Go to his website at http://www.murraysabrin.com. He is a libertarian in mind and heart and deserves our support.
  • Expand the party base. Hit the streets while voters are still confused and dismayed over the current state of NJ politics.
  • Contact elected officials who have drifted away from their party establishment such as Steve Lonegan and Cresitello and see if they wish to run on the Libertarian ticket. I know that Lonegan follows many of the libertarian principles and that Cresitello is one the most libertarian of the state Democrats.
  • Do something! We need to take advantage of this opportunity in every way we can so if you have ideas please email them to me and to any of our other party officers.
  • I have been closely following the progression of these campaigns and will continue to do so.