The Somerset County Republican Organization has informed Murray Sabrin that if he cannot promise them that he is not running an alternate slate of freeholder candidates he cannot participate in their screening process. In other words if he doesn't play ball with the Republican county establishment then he is not welcome. This brings up a question that many independently thinking people ponder: is it better to follow one's own political beliefs if it leads them to a third party or to try to reform one of the two major political parties from the inside?

This is an example of the difficulties of trying to reform a major party from the inside. If you try to run for office with a slate of candidates with similar ideals and principles the party establishment will shut you out. This is one of many reasons for having more options available to voters than the Republicans and Democrats, because both parties weed out candidates with independent opinions... unless you are really wealthy and can buy the election.

I hope that Sabrin can prove that reform of the NJ Republican party is possible, I really do.

Here it the Politickernj article referenced above.